About The T-Shirt Recall

You might have heard something about DuroSport’s latest product recall earlier today. I’m happy to report that this recall does not affect our technology in any way. While this isn’t a Pütz issue, I thought I should at least give you the inside scoop on how this all happened (I am the DuroSport insider, after

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Back From Vacation

I’m back from Moldova, and I have never been more tired in my life! First of all, there was a big terrorist scare at the airport the morning I was flying out. So I had to dump three bottles of Gatorade and a perfectly good fifth of Wild Turkey at the security checkpoint. My flight

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The Truth About Pütz

After yesterday’s post, I got a corporate call with more information on the product naming process. I’ve been given the OK to reveal some exclusive super-secret insider information that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Are you ready? It turns out that most of our product development team are HUGE Seattle Mariners fans. I knew

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Summer Dance Craze

The Chicken Dance is sweeping Moldova this summer. I’m working on getting a longer video – maybe even an instructional video. When Pütz is launched, we hope to include some pre-loaded content. It would be fun to include videos of this traditional Moldovan dance. If we’re lucky, a new dance craze will sweep the US!

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