About Us

Mission Statement

DuroSport is dedicated to creating cutting-edge consumer electronics that enrich the lives of our customers while posing almost no risk to their health or safety.

Our Promise

We guarantee that our products will ALWAYS be larger than our competitors’ products.

So many manufacturers are racing to make the world’s smallest consumer electronics. Yet, as devices get smaller, the price gets more expensive. DuroSport discovered that it’s possible to produce a more affordable media player by making it larger. Larger components are almost always less expensive than tiny components required to produce the infinitesimally small nano-style media players. In the process, we have found that these larger devices also benefit older consumers who have trouble reading the fine print on tiny screens or adjusting the tuning with tiny dials and knobs.

More About DuroSport

Our History

It all started in a small Moldovan village. Oleg Tarlev had a dream and a vision. Over a half-century later, the name DuroSport is synonymous with unconventional product design.

Our Technology

DuroSport’s exclusive patented technologies are so unique that our competition doesn’t even make an effort to match our innovative product design.

In The Media

Don’t take our word for it. DuroSport’s products have been praised by some of the most widely respected publications in the world. See for yourself!