Zune?! What The Hell Is Zune???

I admit that I’ve been very focused on our Pütz project this summer. So much so that I haven’t had time to follow technology news to the degree that I usually might. Nevertheless, I’m excited about this project because I know how great Pütz is going to be. Trust me, and you’ve never seen anything like the new product line that DuroSport is putting together (and given our previous products, that is saying something).

So imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail from a friend with a link to something called the “Zune Insider Blog.” OK, so there’s another insider blog. I can handle that.

So, what is Zune?


It gets worse. Take a look at the Zune logo.

Zune Logo

Does it look at all familiar?

To make matters worse, after looking at this so-called Zune Insider Blog, it appears that Zune has more than a little in common with Pütz! And they announced this all just days after we announced Pütz!!

I’m not sure if this is a case of corporate espionage or what, but I’m certainly going to make a call to Legal – pronto!

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