DuroSport Is Getting Flatter

As you know, Caitlyn, our new change manager, is working on DuroSport’s AI transition. As part of her job, she is “reimagining our organizational hierarchy to better align with our AI-centric future.” Last week, Caitlyn presented our board of directors with a proposed company-wide “reorg” (consultant-speak for a reorganization). Her proposal was approved and “fast-tracked” […]

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DuroSport Promotions

Moving Up At DuroSport

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! Here’s another DuroSport Insider exclusive. I just got off a Zoom meeting with the Home Office, and they are very impressed with Caitlyn. They are so impressed that she is no longer the Roaming Assistant. No, they did not fire her. They promoted her to Change Manager (whatever that is). The Boss

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DuroSport's hiring freeze is over

A New Face At DuroSport

You are probably getting tired of all of my big announcements. I am sorry, but you will have to get used to them. DuroSport is on a roll, and today’s announcement is the biggest of the year. Our hiring freeze is over! We are celebrating by hiring our first new employee in ten years! This

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AI Saves DuroSport

How AI Will Save DuroSport

In my last post, I promised to reveal how we’re turning things around here at DuroSport. Today, I will explain how we plan to overcome almost certain bankruptcy and return the company to its former glory. We are changing our business model to better compete with all of the new tech companies that are taking

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