Sometimes Bad Things Happen

It is always disappointing when a perfect weekend does not end perfectly. Our Fiscal New Years’ celebration was going very well — almost too well considering how things have been going at DuroSport recently. It seemed a bit suspicious. Then the phone rang. I usually would not answer the phone while in The Second Life.

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One More Thing

Today we are wrapping up the most exciting Fiscal New Year celebration in the history of the DuroSport Corporation. On Friday, we announced our new theme song, and yesterday we announced the opening of our first DuroStore in The Second Life. On top of that, our new SL-6001VRMP is the biggest DuroSport product ever! There

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Sing Along With DuroSport

As I told you yesterday, this weekend marks the start of DuroSport’s fiscal new year. The fiscal new year is always the most festive time around the DuroSport headquarters. As the new fiscal year approaches, we decorate the office with accounting statements, quarterly reports, and balance sheets. The excitement builds as we approach the final

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My Second Life

It has been months since I posted an update to this blog, and you have probably noticed that the Pütz is still not available. This fact makes me very sad. It is a shame to my family name. Meanwhile, the Zune is winning awards and taking the public by storm. It is not right that

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