Sometimes Bad Things Happen

It is always disappointing when a perfect weekend does not end perfectly. Our Fiscal New Years’ celebration was going very well — almost too well considering how things have been going at DuroSport recently. It seemed a bit suspicious. Then the phone rang.

I usually would not answer the phone while in The Second Life. It breaks the illusion of being in a perfect world where anything is possible, and no one complains about the size of your portable media player. Unfortunately, I was not in The Second Life when the phone rang. I was barely in The Second Life all weekend. The Second Life kept crashing, and when I would log back in, I looked like a woman — someone named Ruth. It was alarming. Apparently, the DuroStore grand opening was so big that we broke The Second Life.

The Linden people were not aware of the power requirements of the virtual Prism DuroSport. That is something they should have planned for. They will have to buy more powerful servers now that DuroSport has come to town. Now that many avatars are setting up our players in their virtual homes, I would not be surprised if The Second Life crashes more frequently. Please do not blame DuroSport if this is the case.

Anyway, as I was saying, the phone rang. A lawyer for The Star Trek called to say that he exercised some obscure clause in our contract and canceled their exclusive partnership with DuroSport. As a result, there will be no more Star Trek DeMastered download service.

He did not give a reason, but I believe that The Star Trek is afraid of one or two slightly bad reviews. It is well known that Trekkies have thin skin and can’t take any criticism. And their lawyers are worse.

So that is that. DuroSport is looking for new partners for our DuroView download service. If you represent a famous TV program, please contact us immediately.

To The Lindens, I say, “Please upgrade your servers to support our powerful virtual DuroSport players.”

To The Star Trek people, I say, “Go to hell! Everything my uncle Oleg said about you was true.”

Fortunately, we still have our theme song. That is one thing they can never take away from us. Thank you, Amin Paine.

I will see you in The Second Life, where I am Nero Rang. And sometimes Nero Ruth Rang.

p.s. I have posted some photos from our store on The Flicker. You can see a few of them on the side of this blog. These are for the people who do not have The Second Life.