Sing Along With DuroSport

As I told you yesterday, this weekend marks the start of DuroSport’s fiscal new year. The fiscal new year is always the most festive time around the DuroSport headquarters. As the new fiscal year approaches, we decorate the office with accounting statements, quarterly reports, and balance sheets. The excitement builds as we approach the final business day of the old fiscal year. That’s the day the accounting staff performs all year-end journal entries. When the last journal entry is complete, we have a big party where we exchange gifts and hopefully open a bottle of Moldovan whisky. I say “hopefully” because there’s always someone in accounting who can’t wait. I’ve told these people repeatedly that drinking and accounting do not mix, but they will not listen to me. We have had to restate our annual report more than once because of this.

I think today’s party will be the best ever because — DUROSPORT HAS A NEW THEME SONG.

I have wanted a DuroSport theme song for many years, but we have never had money in our budget to hire a professional songwriter. Vlad tried writing one once, and it was a disaster. Some things are better left to professionals.

The official DuroSport Theme Song was written by a man known as Amin Paine – at least that’s what he calls himself in The Second Life. As you will hear when you listen to the song, Amin is very much in tune with DuroSport, and he loves our products. Great work, Amin! We may soon talk to you about writing songs for the rest of our DuroSport products.

You can listen to the DuroSport theme right now (today) by clicking on the player at the bottom of this post.

Unfortunately, our dt6 browser plugin is not yet ready, so you will have to download the song in the increasingly unpopular mp3 format. Also, you can only listen to the song if you HAVE NOT already installed our latest firmware upgrade (which you really should do, by the way – but only after listening to our new song first).

We expect the song to be available for sale in the dt6 format soon. Since it is a special time of year for us, we wanted you to celebrate with us by listening to our new theme song today! Please listen to this song no more than three times, then delete it. (Our legal department is tracking your listens). And don’t forget to come back here and buy a copy when it goes on sale next week.

More exciting news tomorrow.

Now listen to the song (but only three times):

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