Prism Two

DuroSport's first portable media player

Personal and Portable

Prism Two - a tiny digital audio playerFinally you can experience digital music on the go with a truly portable media player. But that’s not all. The Prism Two includes a groundbreaking feature you won’t find in any other digital media player: TGPS (aka “Time Global Positioning System”). It’s GPS with an extra dimension — time. Most GPS systems tell you where you are, but TGPS provides even more information by telling you where you were. Settings include 1 hour ago, 2 hours ago, 12 hours ago, 24 hours ago, and 1 week ago (after you’ve used TGPS for at least a week).


  • So small the memory card barely fits
  • Uses our exclusive disposable flash memory card
  • Digital screen with song, artist, and GPS information
  • Unique scroll button controller
  • Adhesive reinforced display ensures the device remains in one piece if dropped.