Home Media Center

All of your media in one stylish cabinet

The Latest In Convergent Media Convergence

You may be familiar with other (off brand) home media centers that are limited to traditional media. The DuroSport media center has no such limitation. In addition to playing audio and video, the DuroSport HMC allows you to control every single function in your home from a single location.

Using our patented WHAT (Wireless Home Audio Technology) Technology, the Media Center allows you to run your washer, dryer, dishwasher, control the temperature on your central air and heat, turn your lights on and off, and much much more! Simply install a DuroCeiver control unit on any appliance you wish to control. After that controlling any electrical device in your home is as simple as walking up to the Media Center and pushing several buttons (or twirling a few knobs, depending on the function you wish to perform)!

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The Home Media Center is available in three optional wood grain finishes: cherry, oak, or pine.