High-Intensity Toggle Instructions

While other manufacturers offer simplistic scroll wheel controls with limited functionality, DuroSport has introduced a feature-packed media controller with 72 discrete functions on a simple toggle switch. Below is a complete list of functions accessed from the Prism DuroSport 6000’s toggle switch. Make sure to download our handy toggle template as a quick reference.

10Fast Forward (with sound)
15Rewind (with sound)
20Skip Forward
25Skip Back
30Fast Fast Forward (no sound)
35Fast Rewind (no sound)
55Save Recording
85Set Clock
90Timer On
95Timer Off
100Alphabetical by Artist
105Alphabetical by Song Title
110Sort by Song Length – Longest to Shortest
115Sort by Song Length – Shortest to Longest
120Ogg Vorbis
125Turn off “Do You Really Want To” (not available)
130Simulated Stereo
135Simulated Quadrophonic
140EQ – Rock
145EQ – Jazz
150EQ – Hip-Hop
155EQ – Classical
160EQ – Pop
165EQ – Set it yourself (not available)
170Bass Boost
175Volume Up
185Volume Down
195Random play 5 seconds
200DuroRadio (AM only)
205Backlight On
210Backlight Off
215Set Backlight Intensity – Daytime
220Set Backlight Intensity – Dawn/Dusk
225Set Backlight Intensity – Midnight
230Set Backlight Length – 3 seconds
235Set Backlight Length – 5 seconds
240Resume On
245Resume Off
250Wireless On
255Wireless Off
260Main Screen – Show Battery Charge
265Main Screen – Show Song Info
270Main Screen – Show Time/Date
275TGPS – 1 hour ago (may not be available)
280TGPS – 2 hours ago (may not be available)
285TGPS – 12 hours ago (may not be available)
290TGPS – 24 hours ago (may not be available)
295TGPS – 1 week ago (may not be available)
300Parental Lock
305Firmware Upgrades
310Car Stereo Adapter On
315Car Stereo Adapter Off
320iTunes Compatibility On
325iTunes Compatibility Off
330Print Songlist (Dot-Matrix Printers Only)
335Geiger Counter (coming soon)
340Report Unauthorized Music to RIAA
345Do You Really Want To? – Yes
350Do You Really Want To? – No