Frequently Asked FAQs

Is it true that the DuroSport Prism 6000 is radioactive?

You are undoubtedly referring to the battery technology that allows the Prism 6000 to play 48 hours on its first charge! “Only slightly radioactive” is a better way of putting it. For the record, the levels of radioactivity of the all DuroSport products fall within acceptable limits for most Eastern European countries (and parts of North Korea). However, as a precaution we do recommend that women do not wear it on their person while pregnant and men do not wear it near their genital region.

Why are so many of DuroSport's audio players mono?

Our scientists have determined that while humans have two ears, the actual listening experience is centered in between those ears. Therefore we all hear in mono, by nature. Stereo sound is actually an unnatural illusion. For those who prefer this artificial sound, we have created a stereo version of the Prism player.

What happened to the DuroSport Virtual Scorecard?

The DuroSport Virtual Scorecard was a feature of the Prism One, which allowed users to easily keep score at any professional baseball game. Our patented DuroBabel technology enabled hands-free scorekeeping by translating the broadcast of the game in real-time. Unfortunately we have been forced to discontinue this feature while we await “the express written consent of Major League Baseball.”

Every time I see an advertisement for one of your products I feel ill. Is this normal?

Our R&D Department is currently experimenting with certain viral marketing techniques. Since these techniques are highly proprietary we are not at liberty to comment. However, if you feel that our advertisements are making you sick you should consult your physician. Please note: this does not constitute medical advice.

Why is your music encoded in a proprietary format? Why not just use .mp3?

DuroSport has a long history of supporting the rights of musicians. We understand that nothing kills an artist’s career faster than a large number of people having access to their music. Our pledge to all musicians everywhere is this: We promise to make it as difficult as we possibly can for “fans” to hear your music — unless they are authorized by us. The DuroTunes 6 (.dt6) Secure Music Format ensures that not one extra person will ever hear your songs.

Is it illegal to board an airplane with my Prism DuroSport media player?

We are unaware of any such limitations. However, we are aware of some false accusations which have surfaced on unscrupulous websites. Please disregard any lies you read about our products.

Not only can you board an airplane with your Prism DuroSport, we recommend that you play it — loudly — during takeoffs and landings.