Prism DuroSport 6000 Now The Fastest Media Player On The Planet

In yet another industry first, DuroSport Electronics announced that its latest digital audio player, the Prism DuroSport 6000 is “The Fastest Media Player On Earth.”

All new Prism DuroSport 6000 will feature a HyperSonic mode which will play back audio recordings at 32 times the normal speed.

The new HyperSonic mode will allow music lovers to listen to more music than ever. An average rock album will play back in slightly over one minute.

This amazing innovation will also allow consumers to speed-read through audiobooks. Imagine listening to the complete unabridged “Gravity’s Rainbow” in just 23 minutes!

Existing Prism 6000 customers are eligible for a free firmware upgrade that will enable the HyperSonic mode. Users who plan to upgrade are advised to back up their music files to a DuroSport brand disposable flash card.

Break the chains imposed by real-time with DuroSport’s Hypersonic mode!