iTunes Compatibility Kit Allows iPod Users To Switch To Prism DuroSport

DuroSport Electronics urges iPod users to switch to the Prism DuroSport digital audio player. The company’s new iTunes Compatibility Kit makes the switch painless by allowing consumers to easily convert an entire library of iTunes music to more widely compatible audio formats.

The new Prism DuroSport 6000 offers many advantages over the iPod, including:

  • Faster playback speed
  • Plays ogg vorbis and dt6 encoded music
  • Longer battery life (on the first charge)
  • Sturdy design

According to DuroSport product engineer Vladimir Concescu, “our research indicates that the youth market is looking for an alternative to the iPod, and they need an easy way to make the transition. The iTunes Compatibility Kit finally gives consumers an easy way to switch.”

The kit allows consumers to transfer their iTunes music to a non-Apple music format legally. The iTunes Compatibility Kit is expected to be available through retail channels early next month.

For more information, see the Prism DuroSport products page.