DuroSport’s Portable Media Player Outsells Apple’s iPod in Second Life

For immediate release:

Moldovan electronics manufacturer DuroSport announced today that its latest portable media player had outsold Apple’s iPod in the virtual world of Second Life.

DuroSport released the new portable media player in April to coincide with the opening of the DuroSport store in Second Life. The Prism SL-6001VRMP is a re-engineered version of the popular Prism DuroSport player, explicitly designed for use in Second Life.

Company spokesman Nero Tarlev notes, “Second Life allowed us to create the product we have always dreamed of building, and now we have the biggest portable media player in the metaverse.”

DuroSport’s Second Life store is an exact replica of the company’s original manufacturing facility in Moldova. Until now, most music fans outside of Moldova have not had the opportunity to visit an official DuroStore. The virtual world has allowed the DuroSport brand to connect with its fans around the world.

According to Tarlev, “Our store in the Second Life allows our fans to have an authentic DuroStore shopping experience without any of the real world risk or danger.”

Reporters with access to Second Life are encouraged to contact Nero Tarlev for a free evaluation version of the virtual Prism DuroSport and a personal tour of the new DuroSport store. IM Nero Rang in Second Life for more details, or send an email.