DuroSport Set To Sell Products Through Best Buy

The DuroSport Electronics Company would like to announce that we are very close to closing a deal with Best Buy, a consumer electronics chain based in Richfield, Minnesota.

According to Tripoli Parsectiv, DuroSport’s chief lawyer, this deal would mark the first time DuroSport Electronics products would be for sale through a U.S.-based mass-market retailer. “For the past 45 years, our products have been available only through mail order catalogs from our store in Moldova,” Parsectiv explained, “and while some specialty shops stocked our products through those catalogs, it wasn’t a sustainable business model in the 21st century. We are pleased to continue to increase our visibility in the United States.”

At first, the only product available at Best Buy will be the Prism 6000, but before the end of the year, you will also be able to purchase the DuroSport VideoTron and the Pütz DuroSport at any of the over 1100 Best Buys in the United States.

The deal is expected to be closed at the end of May, and the Prism 6000 will be available shortly thereafter. You, of course, don’t have to wait until then to purchase one. As a matter of fact, we prefer that you don’t.