DuroSport Prohibits Sale of Products Through Best Buy

The DuroSport Electronics Company would like to retract its previous announcement of an impending deal to sell products through Best Buy.

After a high-profile squabble in Second Life and on the DuroSport Insider Blog with members of the Best Buy’s Geek Squad, the company has decided to prohibit sales of its products at Best Buy.

According to company spokesman Nero Tarlev, “after my run-in with the Geek Squad, it is clear that we can not trust the Best Buy to provide adequate service and support for the Prism DuroSport.”

The company apologizes to fans who have been clamoring at the doors of Best Buys across the country asking for DuroSport products.

Tarlev indicated that the company would make a major announcement in the very near future, noting, “our Chief Product Engineer is finally back from his summer vacation. Expect to see exciting new products from DuroSport soon!”