DuroSport Picked as “2006 Best” by Rock Critics

The DuroSport Electronics Company, makers of the famous Prism DuroSport 6000 and the soon-to-be-famous Pütz DuroSport is very proud to announce that it has been chosen to be part of a “2006 Best” list by the website, RockCritics.com.

In their entry about our company, the site extolled such advanced technological DuroSport innovations as the iTunes Compatibility Kit, the Battery Powered Battery Charger, and the DuroTunes 6 Secure Music Format — the only DRM that has never ever been cracked by any hacker. Ever.

As much as we appreciate what we consider is a long overdue appreciation, our lawyers have asked us to point out two factual errors in the entry.

  1. We are listed in the entry as “Prism DuoSport,” not Prism DuroSport. After the end of decades of litigation with those bast very nice people at the DuoSport company, we can attest that the missing “r” makes all of the difference. We understand the error, but our lawyers insist that it be changed. Immediately.
  2. The entry mentions that JT Leroy has been signed as a spokesperson. While it is true that we were on the verge of signing Mr. Leroy, he broke off negotiations when he discovered that we had been the victims of the internet hoaxters who had falsely promised us the exclusive world premiere of the Scarlett Johanssen Sings Tom Waits album. Apparently, that album was the reason he wanted to work with us. We wish Mr. Leroy all the best and are looking into his recommendation of James Frey.

So while we cannot yet promise we won’t sue RockCritics.com for their errors, we remain grateful for their inclusion of our company on their “2006 Best” list. As they point out, the sky truly is the limit for the DuroSport company.

The list of 2006 Best by RockCritics.com (you’ll have to scroll down a bit)