DuroSport Launches Store and Media Player In Second Life

The DuroSport Corporation is proud to announce the opening of its first retail outlet in Second Life and the launch of an all-new media player designed specifically for the virtual world.

This weekend the DuroSport corporation became the first Eastern European electronics manufacturer to open a store in Second Life. The new DuroStore is modeled on the company’s original retail outlet in Moldova. DuroSport fans from around the world can now visit the DuroStore without the need for a passport or the extensive security clearance usually required to enter Moldova.

DuroSport engineers, with the assistance of the LogSpark Second Life development team, have created the all-new Prism DuroSport SL-6001VRMP specifically for the discerning ears of avatars throughout the metaverse. The new media player is guaranteed to be the biggest portable audio device in all of Second Life.

DuroSport spokesman Nero Tarlev explains the company’s latest move by noting, “In the past few years, we have run into many problems with the technological limitations of reality. By designing our new product in a virtual world, we have been able to overcome the barriers that prevent us from living up to our own high standards”.

In addition to the new version of the company’s classic Prism DuroSport 6000 media player, DuroSport has announced that it has secured the rights to become the exclusive distributor of Moldovan flags in Second Life.

The DuroStore grand opening celebration will begin on Saturday morning, March 31, at 9 am Second Life time. DuroSport fans visiting the store on opening weekend will receive free (virtual) Prism DuroSport t-shirts.

More information about the making of the DuroStore is available on the DuroSport Insider blog.

Visit the DuroSport Store in Second Life starting this weekend.

The virtual Prism DuroSport t-shirts are collectible memorabilia and are being given away as novelty items, not as actual clothing. Avatars with sensitive skin should be aware that these shirts may cause rash and other skin irritation. If itching occurs, please discontinue use.