DuroSport to Explore Suing Medialoper for “Defamation of Products”

The DuroSport Electronics Company has formed an exploratory committee to explore the feasibility of suing the website, Medialoper for “Defamation of Products.”

“Ever since their negative review of the Prism DuroSport 6000 last year, the Medialoper site has embarked on a systematic campaign of harassment and defamation of our company, our products, and our people,” explained Tripoli Parsectiv, DuroSport’s lead lawyer.

“In the last week, they ran back-to-back negative reviews of our store in the Second Life and the DuroView Service. We are absolutely positive that the negative review of the DuroView Service is the reason that Star Trek backed out of that deal after only one day.”

When asked about the unusual timing of the announcement, Parsectiv said that now that the company’s lawyers have finished settling all of the lawsuits against DuroSport, it was obvious that the company needed money to pay off the lawsuits.

Parsectiv went on to explain that Medialoper’s “lies and mockery” obviously had a chilling effect on sales of the Prism 6000 in both First Life and Second Life and helped to cause the sudden end of the Star Trek partnership. In light of this, DuroSport has “no choice” but to attempt to recover some of that lost revenue via a lawsuit against Medialoper.

“I looked around and saw how other respected companies such as Universal Music Group and Viacom were using the lawsuit method to recover their lost revenues from companies such as YouTube and used that idea. I hope that they haven’t copyrighted it.”

Parsectiv also noted that his legal staff had been severely impacted in the last year, and to complete the research for the actual lawsuit; he needs help. He hopes the DuroSport-loving public will come to the company’s aid in this “time of extreme crisis.”

“We urge all DuroSport-loving people out there to scour the Medialoper site looking for defamatory and destructive reviews, comments, jokes — anything that could potentially harm our products in the public eye.”