DuroSport Electronics Seeks CFO

DuroSport Electronics seeks a Chief Financial Officer to work in our World Headquarters in Moldova.

DuroSport Electronics is an emerging high tech company with market leading consumer electronics products. DuroSport is currently seeking a replacement for our interim CFO. This is a unique opportunity to help reshape the corporate culture of our finance department. You will also work closely with our CEO in addressing the concerns of the various securities regulators in the countries that DuroSport does business in.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Developing a balance sheet (previous balance sheet was lost and backup was mistakenly stored on disposable flash drive)
  • Coordinating annual audits and answering questions about our alleged bookkeeping “irregularities”
  • Coordinate finance department staffing and prepare for previous CFO’s work furlough release
  • Provide in-depth financial analysis of the impact pending class-action suits might have on the company’s finances

For more information on this exciting opportunity, contact us today. Be sure to put “I am interested in being your CFO” in the message box.

DuroSport Electronics is an equal opportunity employer (except for Communists or ex-Communists)