DuroSport Announces Products Recalls

While DuroSport Electronics is devoted to producing consumer electronic devices of the highest quality, occasionally there are minor problems that necessitate a recall. After discussing the issues below with our legal council we have decided to issue a recall for the following products. If you own one or more of these devices please use our online RMA request form.

Products affected by this recall:

  • Prism One with SETI — A very small number of Prism One SETI owners have reported issues with their personal Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Search functionality. It has come to our attention that users of this product might experience very slight bleeding from the ears, nose, and eyes. Of course, there is no way of knowing whether this bleeding is being caused by the SETI attachment, or whether the consumers in question are simply prone to such bleeding. At any rate, no long-term effects have been identified, and the bleeding only lasts for a couple of minutes. Regardless, our lawyers have advised that we recall this product immediately, and ask users to not use the SETI function.
  • Prism 2 with TGPS — Under certain conditions, the TGPS system will accidentally reveal where the user is going to be up to a week in the future. Since these predictions are not always accurate, we consider this to be a bug. Until we can either eliminate the bug or make the TGPS predictions 100% accurate, our lawyers have advised that we recall those models immediately.