DuroSport Announces Portable Video Player For Your TV!

The DuroSport company is pleased to announce our newest upcoming product: the DuroSport VideoTron. The VideoTron is a portable video player that plays portable videos on the biggest possible video player, your TV.

According to Vladimir Concescu, DuroSport’s Chief Product Engineer, the desire was to marry portable video portability with the largest possible screen. “I read about the upcoming Video iPod, and I though, ach, that sure is small, who would want to watch a TV show on that? Who needs a tiny little Jack Bauer when you can have a larger-than-life version? And then I thought, what is the biggest video screen in my house? My TV!”

So working day and night with a small band of dedicated engineers, Concescu exectued to the concept for the VideoTron. “It’s very simple,” he explains, “you just take the video that you downloaded from the Internet, and use the player to beam it through your wireless network to your TV. The quality will be excellent – nearly as good as Beta!”

In order to avoid piracy, the VideoTron will be restricted to working with a single TV. Once a TV is configured, users will not be able to reconfigure for another TV without purchasing a separate licence for that TV.

The DuroSport VideoTron is expected to be released to the general public this year. Review versions will be available prior to that for all legitmate reviewers (except for Medialoper, who knows why they are excluded.)