• Smell of Books™ Recall Announced

    It has come to our attention that a small number of customers have experienced problems with our new Smell of Books™ product line. While we believe that most cans of Smell of Books™ are not defective, on the advice of our legal counsel we are issuing a recall for the entire product line. If you […]

  • Smell of Books™ Under Attack By Authors Guild

    An organization calling itself “The Authors Guild” has recently contacted the DuroSport Corporation regarding our new Smell of Books™ product line. We have forwarded the communication to our attorneys for review. Please see the DuroSport Insider blog for full details and a commentary from Nero Tarlev. Statement from “The Authors Guild”: To whom it may […]

  • Introducing the Smell of Books™

    The DuroSport Corporation is proud to announce the immediate worldwide availability of Smell of Books™, a new aerosol-based e-book enhancer. The Smell of Books™ is compatible with a wide range of e-book reading devices and e-book formats. Blogger Nero Tarlev has the complete story on the making of Smell of Books™ on the DuroSport Insider […]

  • DuroSport Prohibits Sale of Products Through Best Buy

    The DuroSport Electronics Company would like to retract its previous announcement of an impending deal to sell products through Best Buy. After a high-profile squabble in Second Life and on the DuroSport Insider Blog with members of the Best Buy’s Geek Squad, the company has decided to prohibit sales of its products at Best Buy. […]

  • DuroSport’s Portable Media Player Outsells Apple’s iPod in Second Life

    For immediate release: Moldovan electronics manufacturer DuroSport announced today that its latest portable media player has outsold Apple’s iPod in the virtual world Second Life. DuroSport released the new portable media player in April to coincide with the opening of the DuroSport store in Second Life. The Prism SL-6001VRMP is a re-engineered version of the […]

  • DuroSport to Explore Suing Medialoper for “Defamation of Products”

    The DuroSport Electronics Company has announced the formation of an exploratory committee to explore the feasibility of suing the website, Medialoper, for “Defamation of Products.” “Ever since their negative review of the Prism DuroSport 6000 last year, the Medialoper site has embarked on a systematic campaign of harassment and defamation of our company, our products […]

  • DuroSport Teams With Star Trek For Exclusive Video Download Service

    The Star Trek entertainment franchise has taken a quantum leap forward in technology by entering into a partnership with the DuroSport corporation. As a result of the partnership DuroSport has been named the exclusive distributor the new “Star Trek: DeMastered” video series. Star Trek fans can purchase the new “Demastered” series through DuroSport’s revolutionary new […]

  • DuroSport Launches Store and Media Player In Second Life

    The DuroSport Corporation is proud to announce the opening of its first retail outlet in Second Life, and the launch of an all new media player designed specifically for the virtual world. This weekend the DuroSport corporation becomes the first Eastern European electronics manufacturer to open a store in Second Life. The new DuroStore is […]

  • Official DuroSport Theme Song Released

    Today the DuroSport Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the official Prism DuroSport Theme Song. “I’ve Got A Prism DuroSport” was written and performed by the legendary Amin Paine. Mr. Paine has won many awards for his work, and DuroSport is honored that he has taken time out of his busy schedule to […]

  • DuroSport Drops Support For the MP3 Format

    Effective immediately we will be dropping support for the mp3 codec from our entire product line. As a result of the recent $1.5 billion ruling against Microsoft, as well as this week’s lawsuits against Apple and other manufacturers, we feel that it is simply too risky to continue to include support for mp3 in our […]