Prism SL-6001 VRMP

Nero in DuroStore Second LifeWhile the original Prism 6000 was a groundbreaking media player, DuroSport engineers were unsatisfied with the product. As one engineer noted, the design team felt “constrained by the technological limitations of reality.” Fortunately, there are no such limitations in the metaverse.

After DuroSport announced plans to open its first retail outlet in the virtual world of Second Life, the design team got to work. The Prism 6001 VRMP (virtual reality media player) was designed and manufactured in record time. As promised, the device was not constrained by the limitation of real reality.

The Prism 6001 stands eight feet tall and features a 26-inch, 8-bit, monochrome display. The instruction manual is accessible via the bilingual on-screen menu. As a special bonus, every Prism 6001 included the DuroSport theme song at no extra cost.

Second Life embraced DuroSport and the massive media player. As a result, the virtual Prism DuroSport set sales records outselling both Apple’s iPod and Microsoft’s Zune in Second Life

The virtual Prism DuroSport was available exclusively at DuroSport’s Second Life retail outlet in Jarang. The DuroStore was an exact replica of DuroSport’s legendary Chișinău retail shop.

Sadly, the Second Life location closed after a mysterious explosion destroyed the building. All that remains are the snapshots from Nero Tarlev’s persona photo album seen below.

The Theme Song

Scenes From the DuroStore