The Mother of All Remotes

Enjoy unprecedented control over your home entertainment system, appliances, HVAC system, home security system, water heater, and garage door — all from a single remote.

Other universal remotes have a blind spot — the remote itself. MOAR’s unique tri-mote™ design lets you control the remote WITH THE REMOTE! It’s the world’s first remote-controlled remote control.

Share Control With Friends!

MOAR’s sharing technology allows you to share control of your devices with friends. Just point the remote at anyone within a 50-meter radius and press the patent-pending Tendril-Attached Self-Ejecting Remote trigger. The middle-tri-mote will be launched at a high velocity.


  • The unique tri-mote™ design includes three full-function remotes. Use each separately or combine them for simultaneous multi-device control.
  • 148 buttons. With programmable macro combinations, MOAR holds 21,904 unique IR codes.
  • Unique classroom-based learning mode.
  • Integrated satellite dish. Extends controller range to 25 miles (line of sight required for maximum performance).
  • 220 V adapter included (AC power required for TASER and Social features. AC power is recommended when watching movies longer than 60 minutes).
  • Certified nuclear reactor control device (dongle sold separately).

Battery Life:

  • 12 hours of music enjoyment
  • Two hours with satellite dish enabled.
  • One hour when viewing movies (please pause the movie before changing batteries).