Why I Hate The Geek Squad: Reason Number 476

In my day, I have had more than my share of problems with an organization known as The Geek Squad. These are the kids who hang around in The Best Buy, supposedly answering technical questions and helping customers make critical decisions — like whether to buy a Windows PC or stick with The Tandy (I say stick with The Tandy). They call them “geeks” because they are supposed to be experts on the sort of things that only geeks really care about. In reality, I think that The Best Buy would be better off hiring a group of randomly selected 15 year-olds.

Over the years, The Geek Squad has frustrated me to no end. Usually, I just need to get the price on an unmarked box. Instead, The Geeks insist on giving me a lecture on the history of the modem. I just want the price. I don’t need a lecture on something no one cares about.

Then there was the time they refused to help me with my clock radio! I purchased the radio at The Best Buy, so why wouldn’t The Geek Squad help me? “Not our department,” they insisted. I think the truth was that they did not know how the clock radio worked, and they were just too embarrassed to admit it. I finally got help from the nice lady in the appliance department. She was no “geek,” but thanks to her, I am finally on The Daylight Savings Time like everyone else.

Recently, I read news that The Geek Squad was moving into The Second Life. I found this to be quite interesting for obvious reasons. So many things are better in the “virtual” reality world of The Second Life. The Geek Squad might be better there too. So I decided to give The Geeks another chance.

I had an idea for a business partnership between The Geeks and DuroSport. I thought DuroSport could outsource product support to The Geeks in The Second Life.

Our Virtual Prism DuroSport media player has outsold both The iPod and The Zune in The Second Life. While it is true that our media player is easy to use and maintenance-free, some customers cannot read the simple instructions. We do not give an IQ test before we sell one of our players, so we have no way of knowing how dumb the customer might be. We only find out afterward when they start calling our customer support number with all sorts of stupid questions. It is frustrating because almost nothing can go wrong with a Prism DuroSport, and still, some people have problems. Why not send these idiots to The Geek Squad?

It seemed like such a good idea that I packed up a Prism DuroSport and went to visit The Geek Squad on their new island. I was ready to offer extensive training for The Geeks, and I fully intended to hang a sign advertising The Geek Squad in the DuroStore in Jarang.

Just moments after arriving at The Geek Island, it was clear that things were not right. First of all, there were at least two geeks for every customer — and for some strange reason, I still had trouble getting assistance!

They were just standing around in a circle, all wrapped up in some tedious discussion about running Windows 3.1 (not Windows 3.11) on a cable modem. Then someone started talking about a DOS-based accounting system, and you could practically see The Geeks begin to drool.

After repeatedly asking for help, I finally received assistance from a young man named Timmy2608. You may find this hard to believe, but Timmy had never heard of the Prism DuroSport and said he couldn’t help.

“Not a problem,” I said, “I just happen to have one with me, and I’m prepared to provide you Geeks with all the training you need to support our best-selling product.” At which point, I brought out one of our virtual players and began to demonstrate it for the group of geeks.

This next part is what I find almost impossible to believe. The Geeks could not have been less interested in the virtual Prism DuroSport or my business proposal. The same geeks who were engrossed in discussing Windows 3.1 (not Windows 3.11) and DOS accounting systems had no interest in my eight-foot-tall portable media player! I suspect they may not have been real geeks.

At this point, they referred me to their “media relations department” at 888-237-8289. They were obviously not prepared to do business in The Second Life. Why would I call media relations when we were all standing right there in The Second Life? And how come Media Relations are not in The Second Life?

Then it got worse. They could not help me because The Geek Squad “does not sell mp3 players.” Then they insisted The Best Buy does not own the Geek Squad! Here is the transcript, which I saved because the conversation was so unbelievable:

[19:45] VACody GeekSquad: and we don’t sell MP3 players
[19:45] VACody GeekSquad: ok?
[19:45] Nero Rang: but you are owned by the best buy
[19:45] Nero Rang: and you wouldn’t be here without them
[19:45] Nero Rang: it’s a best buy promotional gimmick
[19:45] Nero Rang: I know how these things work
[19:45] VACody GeekSquad: Yes we would
[19:45] VACody GeekSquad: GS was made on it’s own
[19:45] VACody GeekSquad: not by best buy
[19:45] VACody GeekSquad: we are an affiliate
[19:45] VACody GeekSquad: not directly owned
[19:45] Michael2464 GeekSquad: Geek Squad has been a company long before BestBuy purchased us
[19:45] VACody GeekSquad: but close though
[19:45] VACody GeekSquad: good job on your almost research into our company
[19:46] VACody GeekSquad: thank you for contacting Geek Squad

That VACody was insulting. And he was also wrong, because according to The Geek Squad website:

Geek Squad refers to a line of computer and technology services offered by Best Buy Stores, L.P.

So the virtual Geek Squad was not telling me the truth. Or maybe they are so dumb they don’t even know who owns the company.

After I gave up on using The Geek Squad for product support, I just wanted to find out what they could help me with. So why are The Geek Squad in The Second Life anyway?

Here is an example of the surly treatment I received from the geeks:

[19:53] Michael2464 GeekSquad: Unfortunately, Geek Squad does not provide support for products not produced by us.
[19:53] Nero Rang: so what products do you support?
[19:53] Michael2464 GeekSquad: We support products specifically made by us.
[19:54] Nero Rang: what products do you make, it’s a simple question
[19:54] VACody GeekSquad: Flash Drives
[19:54] VACody GeekSquad: for one thing
[19:54] VACody GeekSquad: you only asked for one
[19:54] VACody GeekSquad: so I will only give you one
[19:54] VACody GeekSquad: now that that is settled
[19:54] VACody GeekSquad: is there anything else I can do for you?

But, the thing is, I did not ask for only one example. The virtual Geeks do not listen to their customers, and they are more concerned with playing in their bumper cars (which, I believe, are supposed to be for the customers). They were acting as if I had interrupted their Geek Squad Playtime.

I am beginning to think that this whole Geek Island is a scam so that The Geek Squaders can work at home in their pajamas.

I do not think I need to tell you that The Geek Squad will not be getting any of my business in the future. In fact, because of this experience, I may no longer shop at The Best Buy.

It is not just me. Other people are having problems with The Geek Squad too. Hopefully, the Geek Squaders are not watching me take a shower. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing whether they are or not. If there is some way to tell, please let me know.

Until next time, please don’t ask The Geek Squad for help. They are too busy playing games in The Second Life (and watching people take showers).

50 thoughts on “Why I Hate The Geek Squad: Reason Number 476”

  1. Ya, so the company that produces Prism DuroSport is fake, it’s based on a joke from the show “The Office”, I mean come on, a 5 pound media player with 72 toggle switches on the side, and it just so happens that the play song button is beside the delete song button. So instead of this being a post on the 476 reason you hate the Geek Squad, it should be a post about the first reason Society hates you, which would be the fact that you exist. No run along with your radio active media palyer that automatically deletes all MP3 files when you convert them into the file type that is played with this hunk-a-junk.

  2. By the way, nobody was discriminating against your age, as you ranted on about that. This guy began to tell the 7 people there that we were “ganging up on him because he was old”, and yet, avatars produce no in-depth information as to how old a user is. your a fool Nero Rang.

  3. Mr. Cody, apparently you are the fool. First of all, if I am fake then why are you arguing with a fictional character? How is that possible?? I suspect you may be the one who is fake!

    Furthermore, our player does not have “72 toggles”. It is a 72 position toggle. One toggle, 72 positions. Get it? Big difference.

    I think you may have problems with reading comprehension. In which case you may not be the best person to be offering technical support in a chat room.

    Thank you for proving my point that you are rude and clueless.

  4. I said the company was fake, learn to read. 72 positions in one toggle switch, that is 72 toggle switches in one function, learn how to comprehend logic. one switch 72 toggles. I was not rude to you until there was no other way to seem to break your idiotic rambling. you only copied a portion of our chat to try and re-inforce your point. your lame.

  5. Commander Cody of Geek Squadron,

    I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer of the DuroSport Electronics Company.

    I am telling you that I am designing of the 72 function toggle switching functionality. It is most impressive toggled functioning ever. Ever!

    Complexity of producting is importance to our users. You are not our users, since complexity boggles you.

    Too much functioning for low-brained idiocies like you who want stupid simpleness like iPod functionalities.

  6. Mr. Cody, I was afraid that your remarks would upset our chief product engineer and it appears that I was correct. Trust me, you do not want Vladimir angry with you. Or explaining things to you for that matter. But it looks like you have already brought that on yourself. Remember, you have only VACody to blame.

    You clearly said we have “72 toggle switches” on the side of our player. Our player is big, but still not big enough to have 72 switches! But we can dream, and that is why we are in The Second Life in the first place.

    Why are you in The Second Life Mr. Cody? To argue with your customers? I think that must be the reason.

    I will gladly release a complete transcript of our chat if you feel that will help make your case — whatever that may be. However, I think your comments here do an excellent job of making my case.

    I have still not called your media relations department as you instructed me to. Maybe they will be interested in this discussion as an example of the type of support The Geek Squad Of The Second Life provides.

  7. Your company is fake, as you said yourself, [19:55] Nero Rang: This company is based on a joke from The Office, a cool new sitcom. And if that’s not proof enough that you made that comment, then I guess what you “copied” is not proof enough that I posted it either….right? So it would seem that you can carry a joke very well, but that doesn’t mean your all still not idiots. this player is not too complex for me, it is too complex for all users, not because they can’t understand it’s functionality, but nobody wants to buy a 5 pound radioactive file deleting piece of crap that snuggly fits into a backpack at best.

  8. Mr. Cody, you have gone too far with your lies. I never made any such remark. I will have to do the following:

    1. I will post a complete transcript of our original conversation.

    2. I will call your parents and have them straighten you out.

    Please leave your parents phone number in your next reply.

  9. And Nero, stop trying to catch me in a small technicality of “72 toggle positions” and “72 toggle switches”, because it just proves your arguement is growing weary, and you are having problems disputing real issue’s, such as your own incompetence in thinking you can sell anything. even as a salesperson you were an idiot, telling us we were being rude to you because your old, argueing with random client’s on our island that were looking into research into your company and you claimed them as lies, face it, your company, and everyone in it, is a fake.

  10. Commander Cody of the Geek Squadron,

    The English is my fifth languaging, and I am even knowing that pluraling of “issues” and “clients” are not having apostrophing.

    Also I am understanding differencing between “your” and “you’re.”

    Sadly, you are not understanding these differencings, even with the English being your first languaging, so no wonders Prism 6000 is too complexing for you.

    I am now asks you about the 72 functionings of toggle switching: as Best Buy sanctioned experting, what are you asking to be leaving out? All are necessary. Necessary!

  11. Vladimir, please do not pay any attention to Mr. Cody until he sends me his parents phone number.

  12. Hey Vlad, learn to read your 5th language, I clearly posted this yesterday….Comment from VACody GeekSquad on May 1st, 2007 :
    And furthermore, don’t try and argue my grammer/spelling, I know you didn’t, but don’t try, it will only prove how pathetic you really are.

    good job you brilliant man Vlad, you only helped prove how pathetic you are :D, and not only that, you also proved that you clearly don’t read what I’m posting, and just immediatly jump to conclusions, now don’t take the phrase “jump to conclusions” literally here and make a mat at which you can actually jump to conclusions like the guy from Office Space suggests. or do you plan on trying to market that product also?

    Next on the Agenda, Nero, don’t ask for my parents phone number, what are you, an idiot? If this media player is produced by a real company, then give me a phone number to call and file a formal complaint against the player, any real company would have a complaint line and not be afraid to hear a complaint because any real company would take it more as constructive criticism and build on the product. Also, I would like a link for a website at which I can view all the functions and amazing wonders of this media player. If you can’t provide either of those, then I guess our conversation is over. Also, how about an address to your main headquarters?

  13. And Nero, this comment : [19:55] Nero Rang: This company is based on a joke from The Office, a cool new sitcom

    Is fake, and I clearly knew it was fake and intended for everyone to know it’s fake. If you want to copy our conversation, do it in full, instead of posting just pieces that benefit one side, post the parts where you claim we make fun of your age, post more parts where other agents are trying to tell you to leave us alone, also telling you we don’t want to sell your product or buy it because it doesn’t exist.

  14. Oh, and our store is in Moldova. But since you probably do not have a passport the nearest location to you is in Jarang.

  15. Mr. Cody, I find it curious that you are the only one around who should be able to spell poorly without being questioned about it. This is another thing that I will be speaking with your parents about. Although I am sure they already know that you are “special” in that way.

    As far as I am concerned you have set a new standard for The Geek Squad. Before you The Geek Squad was just annoying. Now I suspect you may be stalkers. Are you one of those Geeks who videotapes people taking showers? Are you watching me take showers? I do not know, but I will have to investigate because it seems like anything is possible with you people.

    I was hoping to avoid this Cody, but you leave me with no alternative. Here is the complete transcript of my meeting with The Geek Squad. I am afraid this will not look good for you. But then anyone reading this will expect as much based on your previous comments.

    As for the information you have requested:

    1. The main DuroSport website.
    2. DuroSport’s customer support page – please pay special attention to our support calendar, we will not be able to provide support on any of our observed holidays.
    3. More information on DuroSport technology.
    4. Complete toggle documentation — this should settle the toggle issue for good.

    I am afraid there is nothing left to talk with you about Cody. My next conversation will be with your parents. Now give me that number.

    I am serious.

  16. I’d like to buy your product, please direct me to the nearest store in North America to purchase one….or is there a store in North America? No? Bye Bye

  17. Mr. Cody, this whole thing started because you are rude and you do not listen to your customers. You have only proven that further by the manner in which you are carrying on in these comments. I am certain that the high level muckity-mucks at the Geek Squad HQ , wherever that is, would be embarrassed by your behavior.

    For the last time, you can buy our product at the DuroStore in Jarang in The Second Life which is located in The North America. Why is that not good enough for you? You work in The Second Life and yet our store in The Second Life isn’t “real enough”? I suspect you may be having an identity crisis.

    I just used The Google to find out more about you VACody and it appears that there are quite a few people who are having fun at your expense:


    I do not have an account on that website or I would post a message explaining that they should be nicer to you because you are “special”.

    Because you are stalking me I have begun taking my showers fully clothed. I hope you are happy with yourself.

  18. Oh, and checking the other forum, I told them I had a sense of humor, your funney! (typo was meant to be used)

    Nobody wants to see you in the shower, here you are accusing me of making blind assumptions about your media player, then you do the same to me using the “Geek Squad video taped me in the shower” crap, as if to say everyone that works for this company is a pervert.


  20. Mr. Cody. When I put two and two together this is how I get to four.

    2. You do work in The Second Life because that is where I met you. Were you not working that day? Or are you a Geek Squad volunteer? (correct spelling was meant to be used)

    2. The shower thing was well documented in the news. I am not saying that you are a pervert, I am just saying that apparently SOME Geek Squaders do weird things.

    4. You are stalking me. You tracked me down on my blog and you are harassing me in the comments. Therefore I am being extra careful because I have read that The Geek Squad have the technology to video tape people taking showers.

    I am being conservative. That is not a crime. Yet.

  21. Or maybe you are saying that you do not work in The Second Life because there were too many complaints about you and they sent you back to The Best Buy where no one will know about your “special” typing and spelling abilities.

  22. 2. You do work in The Second Life because that is where I met you. Were you not working that day? Or are you a Geek Squad volunteer? (correct spelling was meant to be used)

    Try proper grammar, Second Life is a noun, the name of the program is Second Life, not The Second Life.

    Why are you trying to harrass this guy, I was on the island dressed in a wolf costume that day and all you did was complain and complain. I think you are trying to get attention from “Mr.Cody” and that is why you are posting a big whiny complaint about him on the internet, instead of just leaving the situation as it was, you being an idiot, and VACody being correct.

    And as far as his spelling goes, why would you even attempt to criticize that? That is beyond retarded to try and make fun of someones spelling, especially when he clearly said he didn’t care that he was using improper spelling and grammar, you still continue to try and use it as an insult. Get a Life, Get a Girl, Grow some Balls, fag.

  23. Oh, so the big bad Mr. Wolf has to come and defend his poor “special” friend Mr. Cody.

    I am not the one who brought up Mr. Cody’s spelling. If you read through the comments above you will see that Mr. Cody brought up the subject of his spelling first – and repeatedly. It was only later when he kept bringing up the issue of his spelling that I took notice.

    The English is not my first language, but I think I do pretty well with it. I have been speaking it for nearly four decades now. Certainly longer than Mr. Cody has been speaking it. And probably longer than you too Mr. Wolf.

    Mr. Cody is stalking me. It is quite clear from the fact that he tracked me down on my own blog and will not leave me alone. And now he has sent Mr. Wolf to stalk me too.

    And you bring up the issue of my private parts. Why would you do that. Are you helping The Geek Squad video tape me taking a shower? Are you going to post your tape to The You Tube? If you try I bet they will take it down. Especially after I complain.

    It is clear that neither you or Mr. Cody know a thing about customer service. Have you ever heard the phrase “The customer is always right”? It is quite popular in certain circles. Why? Because it works.

    Have you ever wondered why the phrase isn’t “the customer is usually wrong, so lets argue with him, then stalk him on his own blog and repeatedly leave rude and insulting comments”? First of all, a phrase like that is just too long to really catch on. Secondly, it won’t work. You will only make the customer angry. As you and Mr. Cody have made me angry.

    I believe I will finally be contacting your corporate office. I have had enough of this.

  24. VACody: And furthermore, don’t try and argue my grammer/spelling, I know you didn’t, but don’t try, it will only prove how pathetic you really are.

    above is the first comment about spelling posted in this forum, below you will find the second comment posted about spelling

    Vlad: The English is my fifth languaging, and I am even knowing that pluraling of “issues” and “clients” are not having apostrophing.

    Aside from that, VACody mentioned nothing about spelling, show me on this forum where he continually brings your spelling into question. You’re an idiot that can’t read.

    And yea, he’s stalking you because you posted PUBLICLY. ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED!?!?! Seriously man, you don’t post things on the internet, then say someone is stalking you when they come accrossed it, you idiot.

    And as for your “The customer is always right” comment, wouldn’t that mean that he is right, I mean, he is a consumer taking into consideration your media player, so therfore, he is your customer, and that makes him correct about your Media Player, as you yourself said, the customer is always right.

  25. As you can see, Cody did not bring up spelling multiple times, you idiots kept talking more and more about it, proving your worth, which is about the equivalent of nut sack sweat.

  26. Mr. Wolf, Mr. Cody is not a customer because he has not purchased anything from us.

    Your foul language is not appreciated on this family blog. At first I thought you might be little Cody’s mother, but I know that even she would not talk like that. Maybe you are his father.

    The event which I wrote about took place in a public place that has received a considerable amount of publicity. I was just adding to the public discussion by sharing my first hand experience.

  27. Mr. Wolf, Mr. Cody is not a customer because he has not purchased anything from us.

    Purchase something from the Geek Squad lately? No? Then you have no reason to use the “Customer is always right” line, you were trying to convince the Geek Squad to endorse your product, so in now way are you a customer. Your another sleazy salesman.

  28. Oh, and I see there was nothing regarding “Mr.Cody”‘s constant bickering about spelling put into your last reply, so I guess I’ll just take that as proof you just spit crap out of your mouth without thinking.

  29. I cannot respond to every stupid accusation you people make because I have a business to run — and now I am being harassed by a Geek and his pet wolf.

    I am warning you one more time. If you insist on using foul language on this PG blog then I will have to report you to your Internet service provider (and your parents).

  30. Mr. Cody and Mr. Wolf: Here is one thing that I find very interesting. You both have the same IP address — And it is a fixed IP address that was issued by the Verizon Business Unit. Which means that you are both harassing me from the same office. Could it be that you are both harassing me from The Best Buy?

    I think that your employer would find this fact very interesting. Please give me the name and phone number of your supervisor.

  31. We are indeed within the same center, but that doesn’t change the fact that nothing you say can be considered a valid point.

    Nero: I am warning you one more time. If you insist on using foul language on this PG blog then I will have to report you to your Internet service provider (and your parents).

    In my 2 latest posts, I did not use foul language. Is that all you can do? tell me not to use foul language even when I’m not? Wow you must be running low on ideas for your side of the arguement.

  32. Nero: Mr. Wolf, Mr. Cody is not a customer because he has not purchased anything from us.

    Why won’t you address this quote? Your not a customer to us, so your not always right, so either take back what you said, or admit to being an idiot for saying it, it’s your call.

  33. We have a saying in Moldova. Loosely translated it means “foul language is in the ear of the beholder”. And your language has not been acceptable. Please refrain from using such terms about my body parts. They are none of your business.

    I am a customer because I shop at The Best Buy and occasionally I have to speak with The Geek Squad while I am there. Did you not read my post?

    So you admit that you are working for The Best Buy AND you are harassing me while on company time from a company network.

    Please give me your supervisor’s name and phone number. I think he should know about this.

  34. It is logically that Commander Cody and Jeff Gay are same personing: both are using “your,” and not “you’re.”

    Both are over-sensitivity about spelling.

  35. Does anyone have the official Geek Squad phone number? I need to speak with the management there about the Geek Squad stalker! Their employees are out of control.

  36. You seem to have some type of mental disability, I know Jeff Day, and at no point did he say we both work for Best Buy. I’m not being sensitive about my spelling you idiot, I just said there is no point criticizing it, and you 2 keep bringing it up instead of just, not talking about it…..right? right.

    Nero: We have a saying in Moldova. Loosely translated it means “foul language is in the ear of the beholder”. And your language has not been acceptable. Please refrain from using such terms about my body parts. They are none of your business.

    Ya, Jeff’s 1 post contained foul language, after that, nothing could be considered foul language, maybe the word crap, but that is not foul.

    SPEAKING TO THE GEEK SQUAD DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GEEK SQUAD CUSTOMER. I typed that in capitols so you could clearly see how stupid you are, assuming that purchasing something from Best Buy is the same as buying a service from the Geek Squad

  37. And I know I said I wouldn’t post on here again, but after reading what you idiots write, I had no choice. Nobody is complaining about spelling, I am simply telling you not to bother correcting it, because I sincerly don’t care if I have a typo, since this is just an internet blog, and nothing important, Much like your company.

  38. And what’s with saying I’m stalking you?


    I just typed in VACody into google.com, and I found this site. Idiot.

  39. Mr. Cody, you are still confused about who you work for. You still insist that The Geek Squad is not owned by The Best Buy. How do you find your way to work in the morning?

    Please stop bringing up your spelling. You are obviously feeling inferior about your abilities with The English. I will not mention it again if you do not (although we will all notice it, we will not mention it). Deal?

  40. Oh, and Mr. Cody. Apparently your word is not good for much. You promised to go away forever and now you are back. That means we cannot believe anything you say.

  41. Oh, and one more thing. I am sorry for all of the responses but I am having a hard time keeping up. The Google is telling us that we have hundreds of searches for VACody. I think they are all coming from you. Who else would search for VACody (you are not a rock and roll star after all. Are you dating The Paris Hilton or something? If so then have fun visiting her in jail.)

    Do to the Geeks really sit around all day thinking of ways to harass bloggers and use The Best Buy company time and equipment to search for their own name on The Google?!

    It is a shame. I am glad I do not own stock in The Best Buy.

  42. Nero: Please stop bringing up your spelling. You are obviously feeling inferior about your abilities with The English.

    Nero: The Paris Hilton

    Ya so…..the term would be, English, and Paris Hilton. Not The English, and The Paris Hilton. Nothing you say makes sense, and if you’re trying to insult me by saying I like girls, gratz? You are just too funny aren’t you? I guess things are a bit different in the land of Moldova; it would seem that anyone who lives there has to have an I.Q. of 35 or lower.

    Cody: And I know I said I wouldn’t post on here again, but after reading what you idiots write, I had no choice. Nobody is complaining about spelling, I am simply telling you not to bother correcting it, because I sincerely don’t care if I have a typo, since this is just an internet blog, and nothing important, Much like your company.

    Also, read that, I did say I wouldn’t post here, and I regret posting again because it only leads to more idiotic outbursts on your behalf. But I only wrote here to try and stop your idiocy.

    Nero: The Google.

    Correct my spelling all you want, you’re an idiot, and that fact remains

    Now, stop trying to insult me, and get to the real issue, your lame Media Player. Instead of even posting an internet blog, you should be focusing on that pile of crap. You said it sold more then the IPod and the Zune combined in Second Life, well guess what, Second Life isn’t real. Try starting a real business venture, where you sell a tangible product that has a use, instead of being a 5 pound radio-active paper weight that causes headaches and nose bleeds.

  43. Hmm. This is a most interesting problem. You say The Second Life is not real. And yet that is where I met you. So that means that you are not real either. It would explain why you are not making any sense, and why you continue to post comments that do not make sense. You are a robot and you have failed The Turing Test.

    It seems to me that you are not working very hard at The Geek Squad if you have so much time to be surfing around The Internet and using The Google to search for your own name. How much do they pay you to do that? If there is an opening please consider hiring Vlad. I think he would be very good in a position like that.

    Also, you have made a fatal mistake in assuming that you will have the final word on my blog. That is just not possible. It will not happen.

    I always have the last word.

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