The Truth About Our Unbreakable DRM

This past week everyone at DuroSport has been quite amused to see both the Apple and Microsoft DRM systems cracked. Even small children with no technical skills can steal your music! I seriously hope you will think twice about putting your music into one of those so-called “iPods.”

I have heard people who don’t know any better claim that any DRM system can be broken. Only an idiot (or an iPod user) would believe this to be true.

The truth is that DuroSport’s DT6 has NEVER been cracked. It is unbreakable!

For most companies, that would be good enough. However, at DuroSport, we realize there is always room for improvement — even if our products are already perfect. That is why we have developed the DT7 DRM system. It is even more unbreakable (and newer).

So, how do we do it? I will let you, the reader of this insider blog, in on a little inside information. Our secret is that we use really big numbers in our encryption algorithms. REALLY BIG NUMBERS. That’s one of the reasons our players are larger than most other portable media devices. They need to be bigger to hold and process the big numbers we use to protect your music.

Remember, DRM protects you, the consumer (and your music). Only DuroSport can guarantee unbreakable DRM! Any other media player isn’t safe.

20 thoughts on “The Truth About Our Unbreakable DRM”

  1. I think that you fail to even grasp the concept of why the DRM system is broken. It’s not the DRM scheme itself, it’s the fact that it’s so easy to get content from other places that it doesn’t stop the pirates from getting access to non DRM material, it only prevents the end user from being able to use the content the way that they want too.

    Your content protections can be better then Microsoft or Apples, but it doesn’t matter if there is another unprotected version of the file out there because the pirates can mass produce their own DVDs and the bit torrents can go crazy with the cracked files, meanwhile what is it that your software is protecting? Nothing because it’s already out in the wild. It only ends up punishing users who don’t want to buy their content multiple times.

    Furthermore, I don’t buy into the argument that your software is uncrackable. Maybe it’s just that you are such a small time outfit that no one cares to crack your software. While I don’t believe it’s right to circumvent the DRM, I do think that your post sounds very arrogant and misguided and I would caution you against getting the masses riled up. They may just decide to take the time to actually look at your DRM in order to embarass you.

  2. Mr. Freebird,

    I cannot believe that you are having disrespect for our software protection. What part of REALLY BIG NUMBERS is not understanding you? I personally supervise the algorithmics creationship, and I assure your assurance that it is powerful indeed.

    We majorly have respect for our customers, that is why we heavily lock their music down into our players. Buying it only once, and putting it on a DuroSport is forever protecting.

    The proof is puddings, as they say. Have you ever seen wild DT6 file on internets? No, I say. Never.

    And you never will, promising to all customers.

    Vladimir Concescu
    Chief Product Engineer
    Prism DuroSport Company

  3. I just wanted to know if the rumor was true that the DT8 (even newer and more unbreakabler) version was going to incorporate “flippin’ huge-ass” numbers?

    On a personal note, Vladimir, I admire your nostrils.

  4. You idiot

    DRM isn’t insecure because it uses insufficiently big numbers, it’s insecure because it’s not an end to end solution. Even a DRM system based on unbreakable encryption will be vulnerable, because encrypted data must be decrypted at some point so that it can be enjoyed by the user, so every drm system is vulnerable after this point.

  5. Dear Mr. Soup Nazi (if that is your real name):

    It is clear that you have no understanding of the issue you are writing about. If you knew anything about DuroSport’s DT6 (and soon DT7) DRM system you would understand that we offer a full end-to-end DRM solution. Once music is encoded with DT6/7 it is never decoded by the device. Instead, the music must be played through our special DT6/7 decoding ear buds. The music is literally converted at the last possible moment before it enters your ears.

    Additionally, our ear buds contain certain magnetic properties that are guaranteed to foil any attempt to record from them. It is just not possible. If you have information to the contrary I would certainly like to hear about it. But I doubt you do.

    Next time you should be better informed before you post such an ignorant comment in a public place. You have embarrassed yourself and your entire family, Mr. Nazi.

  6. ok, so your business model is based on the idea that consumers will ELECT to lock themselves to your brand forever by purchasing media that would otherwise be unplayable

    I stand corrected, you are geniuses…

    …wait, why hadn’t I heard of you before?

  7. Thank you for acknowledging our genius. Your apology is accepted.

    Our business model is based on quite a bit more than what you have mentioned. Our customers buy DuroSport because they know that our DRM will keep their music secure. No one wants to have their digital music stolen. Also, they appreciate the size and usability of our players.

    DuroSport is what we like to call a “lifestyle product”.

  8. Mr. Nazi,

    Your lack of hearing about DuroSport is regretting on your part. Do you need better ears? Maybe then more learning about best media players ever. Had you hearing of DuroSport previously, is very much your understanding of unbreakingness of our DRM. Unbreakingness!!

    Also, Nero forgot mentioning lifestyle earbuds extra functioning: protecting your music from piration and protecting your ears from cold wintering. If you already owning DuroSport earbuds, your ears much bettering!

    You would then hearing of DuroSport.

    Vladimir Concescu
    Chief Product Engineer
    DuroSport Electronics Company

  9. Vladimir,

    The DT6 algorithm may be valid. But the implementation alone not only dooms your company’s attempt at DRM to failure, it makes you guilty of fraud in advertising.

    I know this because I WAS the proud owner of a Prism DuroSport 6000. Unfortunately the unit malfunctioned (static interference, correct playback of anything by Shaquille O’Neill, marking territory when in heat). As an electrical engineering student, I thought that it would be good practice for me to dismantle it and try to make repairs.

    And that, sir, is how I happen to know the truth about your so-called REALLY BIG NUMBERS. I saw one with my own eyes! It was a 4. And not a really big 4, either. It was about the size of my thumb and looked to be made from some kind of vermin.

    So, how about this? You send me a new Prism DuroSport 6000 free of charge. IF it works to my satisfaction…and doesn’t give me light-up nads like the old one did…then I promise not to complain about your phony stank-ass 4s on the Internet.

  10. Mr. Tidycat,

    The differencing between you and me is the differencing between a gullibility student as you and a professionally training professional as me.

    Of course, I am knowing about the reversal engineerment of the DT6 DRM by yourself and others. So am planning on foolishing you all thieves and stealers.

    In order for protecting our unbreakable DRM, I am using the Deutrim-Tritium battery as trigger. When the moment of opening of the Prism Durosport 6000 casing by unauthorizeds as you, the Deutrim-Tritium battery uses radioactive transforming the actuality REALLY BIG NUMBERS to a 4.

    So you, Mr. Tidycat, are seeing the post-transforming 4, and not our secret REALLY BIG NUMBER algorithmic.


    However, having your doctor check you for radioactivity.

    Vladimir Concescu
    Chief Product Engineer
    DuroSport Electronics Company

  11. Bernard, There is nothing sarcastic about keeping your music secure. Have you ever had songs stolen? Maybe from your car? When that happened I bet you wished that you were using our unbreakable DRM format.

  12. Avatar photo
    Outraged Consumer


    I spit in your general directions and at your silly so-called end-to-end DRM solution. I was listening to my jamming rock music on my Prism DuroSport 6000 while I was driving down the autobahn. I stopped to get some outrageously over-priced gas when a thief stole my Prism DuroSport 6000 with all my music on it! I am very disappointed in the non-working condition that the self-destruct feature was in. Now I am left with no music.

    Good Day Sir

  13. I’ve just learned about DRM recently and it blows. I went and bought two games from my local game store and I can’t play either one of em as I have to go online to d/l stuff/verify etc.

    It seems a bit daft as err, wouldn’t a pirated copy of the game not have this drm stuff? I just feel as though i’ve been punished.

    Also- I too ain’t sure if this is some sort of media joke sort of thing. Is prismdurosport an actual product?

  14. just how big are your so-called “really big numbers”?

    because, you know, it’s 2009 already, and numbers
    which _used_ to be “really big” are looking kind of…
    well, to be frank, kind of _puny_, know what i means?

    however, i do have my special “bb-multiplier” which
    i might be willings to sells to you, if you can afford it.
    (if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.)

    if you think it’s bad having your musics stolen, imagine
    what it feels like to have your really big numbers swiped.

    have your people contact my people, and tell them to
    use the special bb-multiplier code “brooklyn bridges”.

    and no funny biz, because we knows where you lives.


    1. Dear Mr. Birdman:

      It is clear that you do not know much about the DuroSport DRM technology and you probably are not very good at math either. Still, I will explain how this works, but I will use simple concepts so that you can follow along.

      1. Of course we upgrade the size of our numbers every year. We are not so stupid to keep using the same sized numbers. Do we look like idiots? Also please understand that it is not just a matter of adding a few zeros. We add many many many zeros. A lot of zeros are added. We spare no expense.

      2. Also, we encrypt our very huge numbers with special keys (that is an encryption term that I am sure you do not understand, but I expect that you will play along anyway) that use equally huge numbers. Sometimes they are even more huge. Once that is done these numbers are unthinkably huge.

      3. Many times we must re-engineer our players to accommodate these really huge numbers. This is why our media player is getting larger while the stupid iPod keeps getting smaller. BECAUSE IT IS MORE SECURE!

      4. I am sure that your special multiplier could not possibly improve on our security. In fact, I expect that it would act more like a divider.

      Please do not mistake my comments for criticism. I am aware that on The Internet everyone thinks they are an expert on everything. You can not help that you do not know any better. That is The Problem with The Schools in this country. But that is a subject that I will discuss in a future article on The Blog.

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