Steven Jobs? More Like Stealing Jobs!

We are all buzzing these two weeks with announcing by Apple and Microsoft over their products: iTV and Zune.

Nero has many writings about how Mircosoft has taken our Putz concepting and made it their Zune. But I was saddening to see that now Steven Jobs of Apple is also taken our VideoTron concepting and made it their iTV!!

For those not remembering, Durosport announced our VideoTron back in June. Video on the TV! We are coming up with that idea, not Steven Jobs!

“Steven Jobs! More like stealing jobs!” Some marketing guy says that in our office, and everybody is laughing. But me. I think it is sad, not funny. I am sad like when Seattle Mariners lose or when Scarlett Johanssen is getting married. I am doomy.

First the disaster with the hologram test — which our lawgivers said that I’m not writing about until the lawsuits are settling — and now this. I am very saddened that the DuroSport VideoTron may be like a curse on our whole company.

14 thoughts on “Steven Jobs? More Like Stealing Jobs!”

  1. Hmm… Maybe I should sue you and Apple. I had this idea three years ago. Oh wait, so did 10 million other geeks… Its a natural evolution given the new media capabilities of computers. Apple is just running the best marketing campaign.

  2. Ever hear of Apple’s “Airport Express”? It’s the same thing for audio, and Apple has been shipping it for years. iTV is a natural progession of the idea — and honestly, not a huge stretch of an idea to begin with.

    You are deluded if you think Apple copied you.

  3. What is wrong with people these days! Apple didnt copy anything. It just taken a technology which is been around and made it more presentable to the nomal humans. Apple never created MP3, but it does have the best players on the market. What ever Apple does “It Simply Works”.

    Now if does who created this technology or the idea/concept cannot make something out of it then I guess they shouldn’t go about bashing others who will make it a working solution for the masses. And yes I agree with the comments of joblo above! this a progression of Airport Express which seems very very LOGICAL!

  4. Um. I think perhaps we should all actually look at the PrismDurosport site before commenting on this schlock (I’m not sure how to spell schlock by the way)…

    For instance they reportedly sell a cassette player that allows you to convert your iTunes music library for their DuroSport player; and they’ve recently had a T-Shirt recall because the shirts are causing rashes and some were made for dogs.

    Please don’t comment on this junk as it just pushes more pixels around the web and there really are plenty around already.

  5. Just as a point of reference people such as Elgato have had their EyeHome product available for several years, so I dont think Apple are copying you.

    The concept of sending Video and other content from PC’s to your Television has been around for many years and their are several devices already available that do this Job. However it will be interesting to see Apple’s take on this market and see if they can improve on what already exisits (as they did with the iPod and the MP3 player marketplace)


  6. Folks, maybe you should read their website before you start bitching about the VideoTron. They’ve got some really interesting ideas that’ll cause a paradigm shift in the electornics industry! Though I’d like to see an 8-track adaptor for the iPod….

  7. Com’ on guys. This site is very obviously a fake. A pretty funny fake, but a fake nonetheless. Just check out the “product history” page and the DRM statements. All of you have been reeled in.

  8. I agree CS, the iTV pages do look fake. I’m not sure Apple can ever produce this product.

    Our lawyers will be waiting.

  9. Whine, whine, piss and moan. Oh please, grow up. First off, Durosport did not “have this idea,” as others have pointed out here. Second, the product doesn’t deliver half the functionality that the iTV has already demo-ed. Third, are you shipping yet? Can I buy it now? Will it work with my Mac home theatre? Will it play content from the iTunes Store? Will it be as simple to use as a Mac or my Tivo ? Didn’t think so.

  10. Poopycock,

    of course the VideoTron is not having played content from the iTunes store. Only Apple programs are programming in iTunes store. Because Steven Jobs is obviously god-like personage and even his turds are selling on iTunes. Seeing big picture of them on iTunes 7. And Apple fandoms insisting that turds are ideals that no other companies have ever been having since the history of time is starting!!

  11. To whom it may concern,
    I LOVE MY DUROSPORT 6000. It is the single greatest piece of technology ever conceived. please give us more information on what features will be on the putz. Thank you.

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