Moving Up At DuroSport

DuroSport Promotions


Here’s another DuroSport Insider exclusive. I just got off a Zoom meeting with the Home Office, and they are very impressed with Caitlyn. They are so impressed that she is no longer the Roaming Assistant.

No, they did not fire her. They promoted her to Change Manager (whatever that is).

The Boss told me to tell my readers (you) that “Caitlyn Ceban has demonstrated a strong work ethic, initiative, and the ability to support multiple departments effectively. She has also shown leadership potential and will now take on the role of Change Manager. ”

I have known the Boss for 35 years, and that is the nicest thing he has ever said about anyone.

While I don’t have a clue what “change management” is, I do have some information about Caitlyn’s new role here at DuroSport. She is now leading the AI system implementation. She is also managing our nameless but super-smart consultants — which is a relief because I hated that part of my job. Less work for me is always a good thing.

Naturally, I am proud of Caitlyn. As her mentor, I’ve played an essential role in her success at DuroSport. Yet, strangely, I still have not met her in person, and she is already on the executive track. Maybe I will finally meet her now that she is no longer roaming around the building.

While Caitlyn’s promotion is exciting news, the bigger news is that our transition to being an AI-powered company is underway. With Caitlyn in charge of the project, I expect things will get very interesting around here soon.

More details: This promotion is effective immediately. Please update your records to reflect Caitlyn’s new title. Her email address and phone extension remain unchanged. Please do not call me, then ask me to transfer your call. I am not an operator! Call her directly!!