I Will Be Posting Too

Hello DuroSports Fans,

I am me, Vladimir Concescu, Prism DuroSports Chief Product Engineer, and I will be occasionally posting to this blog to help Nero with giving you the big major scoop on the ideas that we will be having in the middle of our product lines. Like Pütz!

When I was discovering his blogging because of Office Talley, my first thinking was to fire Nero, because now it’s the discovery that he is in the giving away of secret company secrets on the internets. But then I thought, maybe we can use the blogging for the viral marketing. And maybe this time, there will be no sick people from our viruses.

Also, because of the famousness of the Prism DuroSport company throughout the world and the decades, Tarlev is a very more powerful family in Moldova, and the messaging was messaged very noisly to our former Chief Financial Officer after she attempted firing of Nero’s third cousin for — well, I’m sure that the Moldovan lawgivers would say “no!” to my further communication on the subject.

I will say now, we are looking for a new Chief Financial Officer.

So, not for the firing, me Vladimir, but rather for joining Nero in blogging our pride in our proud new products.

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