DuroSport Has Recovered!

I am happy to report that the Stimulus Package has finally arrived, and things are looking much better here at DuroSport.

With the help of our friends in China, we have recently received substantial investment capital. As a result, the DuroSport Corporation can now move forward with business as usual.

We already see many changes and improvements as a result of the stimulus. For example, we have all new office furniture. My new “power desk” arrived last week and I now have enough room to eat lunch at my computer. Also, I am sitting on an Aeron as I type this blog post. The famous seat designer Herman Müller made it. It is so comfortable I do not want to go home at night. Some nights I stay late and just sit in comfort.

We are also upgrading our critical office systems. We have all new Tandy computers, and a new high-speed modem for our customer support BBS. In addition, next week we will be upgrading to WordStar 2007.

Unfortunately, I realize that money cannot solve all of the problems we have, like Vladimir, for example.

Vlad has a new paper shredder. It is really huge. I usually like equipment that is large, but this shredder might be too large. Vladimir can shred an entire ream of paper in 15 seconds. He is shredding everything in sight.

Vladimir is also spending too much time on his new CB Radio. He is always talking in the CB Slang. What does it mean when he says, “WD-40 good buddy?”

I can live with these slight annoyances because so many exciting new projects are underway, like The Skunkworks Project, now on the “Fast Track.”

It is an exciting time to be a DuroSport employee. It is an even better time to be a DuroSport customer.

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