Back From The Yosemite Ogg Vorbis Conference

I’ve just returned from the first-ever International Ogg Vorbis conference, held in Yosemite this past weekend. I want to write more about that conference, but I feel obligated to explain what is happening with this blog.

Late last week, corporate headquarters called to inform me that Vlad and I would be sharing this blog. The Big Wigs feel I’m not up to speed on some of the new Pütz technology. So, being the Chief Product Engineer (CPE), Vlad has been asked to post here from time to time.

I’ll be honest; I’m not crazy about this idea. The truth is that English is not Vlad’s first language. It’s not even his second language. Also, he tends to voice some somewhat eccentric political opinions. And sports! Don’t get him started talking about sports!!!

I was hoping to convince management that Vlad should have his own insider blog. But corporate said, “we are not spending money on another blog. You two will just have to share.” Those were their exact words. Apparently, that t-shirt recall is having an impact on our bottom line. And guess who’s getting blamed for that? The one guy here who tells it like it is (me, Nero).

I was hoping to have an opportunity to prepare my readers for Vladimir’s arrival. Unfortunately, I now see that Vlad has already introduced himself. Not only that, he’s already going on about The Mariners. This is what I would call a bumpy start.

Now, about the Ogg Vorbis conference. As most of you know, the DuroSport company has supported the Ogg Vorbis format since the beginning. We’ll probably be phasing out mp3 support in favor of Ogg Vorbis in future products. That’s how seriously we take our commitment to Ogg Vorbis!

Not only did I attend the Ogg Vorbis conference, but I also participated in a panel discussion! Titled “Odd Vorbis – Unique Implementations of the Ogg Vorbis Standard,” my presentation focused on DuroSport’s efforts to expand Ogg Vorbis to support 301 channels. That is a significant improvement over the current limitation of 256 channels. Our goal is to build a truly portable “Wall Of Sound” by connecting our next-generation media player to 301 speakers. Mr. Phillip Spector will like this very much.

Vlad can probably talk more about the interface. There are some connectivity challenges when plugging that many speakers into a portable player. Fortunately, we do not produce those tiny mobile devices that are easily lost or broken. Our large players are more sturdy and naturally support more connectivity options.

That’s all for now. I have already said too much.