A New Way To Charge Your DuroSport Batteries

While I plan on revealing more about our new Pütz music system in the coming weeks, I also plan to use this space to give our customers a behind-the-scenes look at the DuroSport corporation.

Today I want to give you an early look at some new technology we’re working on in our test labs. Usually, this sort of thing would be top secret, but since Microsoft has been stealing our technology, product logos, and marketing plans, we don’t have much to lose at this point.

It’s no secret that battery life is a significant engineering challenge with all portable devices. The more features you pack into a mobile device, the more power it consumes. DuroSport has been on the cutting edge of battery technology for quite a while now. Still, there have been some critics of our Deuterium-Tritium battery technology. As we have learned, it is a challenge to balance cutting-edge features with “consumer safety concerns.”

Since it looks like we won’t be able to sell our Deuterium-Tritium batteries in the US anymore, we are looking at alternative ways to extend the life of less revolutionary batteries.

Our engineering team has recently come up with the clever idea of using non-electric charging systems. These systems allow you to charge your batteries anywhere — regardless of whether there was an available power source. Think of the possibilities! This charger will allow users in third-world countries with limited electricity (like California) to enjoy DuroSport technology.

Anyway, here’s a quick video of the prototype of our non-electric charging system.