Our Technology

We have patents, so don't even think about stealing from us

These are just a few of the major innovations that make DuroSport products unique in the world of personal entertainment devices.

Wireless Home Audio Technology™ (WHAT)

Our new wireless adapters allow you to broadcast your favorite music to any room in your house. Unlike the dated WiFi technology with an extremely limited range, our Wireless adapter uses RF technology to beam your audio over a distance of up to 12 miles! (note, this product may require an FCC license in some areas).

DuroTunes 6 Secure Music Format™

Originally developed for consideration by the recording industry’s Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) working group. dt6 features a number of sophisticated music security features not found in any other Digital Rights Management system. For example, copyright owners can restrict the number of times a song can be played, the time of day that a song can be played, and the day of the week that a song can be played. With dt6, copyright owners can be sure that their music is secure.

Revolutionary Deuterium-Tritium battery technology™

This highly regarded technology was previously only available to top scientists worldwide. After the initial 48-hour charge time, DuroSport’s proprietary DT battery ensures you’ll enjoy 32 hours of playback from that single charge (first charge only).

Disposable Flash™

Our marketing research indicates that consumers get tired of listening to the same music over and over. Now with our disposable flashcards, you can simply throw your music away once you’re tired of it. Not to worry, you can easily buy more disposable flashcards in the DuroSport online store.

Opt-In Listening – aka Do You Really Want To?™

A new addition to the DuroTunes secure music format, this piracy prevention feature slows down copyright infringement. It gives users an opportunity to consider whether or not they really want to listen to pirated music. Each time the user plays a song that is not in the DuroSport Secure Music format, a warning is displayed, and users are required to opt-in to listen to the song.

Super High-Intensity Toggle™

This patented DuroSport toggle switch is a major improvement over the traditional 4-way toggle. Instead of limiting users to the standard toggle positions (up, down, left, and right), DuroSport has given users up to 72 separate functions that can be accessed from a single toggle.