Portable Media

  • Prism 6000

    Our flagship media player The Prism 6000 is the result of nearly a half decade of market research and intense engineering efforts. From the very beginning our goal has been to build a digital audio player that meets the unique needs of the American consumer. The Prism 6000 features a stunning array of features and […]

  • Prism One

    A Breakthrough In Digital Music DuroSport’s first portable player was a ground breaking product, rich in features yet small in size. Only slightly larger than a loaf of bread, and weighing just over 20 pounds, the Prism One held an amazing 2 hours of music (90 minutes on cassette, and 30 minutes in built-in memory). […]

  • Prism Two

    Personal and Portable Finally you can experience digital music on the go with a truly portable media player. But that’s not all. The Prism Two includes a groundbreaking feature you won’t find in any other digital media player: TGPS (aka “Time Global Positioning System”). It’s GPS with an extra dimension — time. Most GPS systems […]

  • iTunes Compatibility Kit

    Unlock Your iTunes! For the first time ever it is possible to legally transfer your DRM restricted iTunes music to a non-Apple player. Using the new DuroTransfer software you can easily transfer your iTunes songs to a DuroCassette 30, 60, or 90. After transfering your music to the DuroCassette of your choice, simply play it […]

  • Wireless Adapter

    Connect any DuroSport device to your home network with our new wireless adapter kit. Adaptor cables, power cables, and converter cables sold separately. Older devices may require an DuroDongle adapter. If you are using a WiFi style network, you will need to purchase our additional RF to WiFi conversion kit. Please contact our support department […]